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Relationship and Strategy Management

Relationship and Strategy Management

For Co-Founders or Partners

56% of firms would have never launched without two business partners/co-founders agreeing to work together. These relationships are crucial to the business but can over time become volatile and increasingly challenging.

“Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.”
– G.K. Chesterton

This quote about marriage could just as easily apply to the founder-partner relationship. Co-founder/partners face many of the same challenges as marriage partners: difficulties communicating, diverging visions for the business and issues of trust are just a few examples. However, if these problems are discovered early enough they can be addressed before serious damage is done to the relationship or the business!




This Might Be For You If...

  • You have grown your organization significantly in the past few years
  • Your initial partnership, leadership team, structure and/or strategic vision is now showing signs of stress
  • You woke up in the middle of the night any time in the past six months thinking about some major aspect of your business strategy, structure or scalability

What You Can Expect

  • In this intensive and high impact two day workshop you will take a deep dive into important facets of successful partner relationships including:
    • Personal styles and values
    • Shared vision and strategy
    • Perception of fairness and issues of trust
    • Identifying and dealing with conflict
    • We will also discuss the more concrete business issues relating to partners including roles, authority, governance, ownership, and sharing profits.
  • Although this is a group workshop, you will spend the majority of the time working in your own founder-partner pairs to work on your own business and partnership issues.
  • Both workshop days will be held in our unique conference space at the Village Gate in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York.

You Will Leave With

  • Refreshed and recalibrated foundation for your business strategy
  • A strategic action plan
  • All materials, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Your Facilitator

Dr. Suzanne Piotrowski

Working closely with leaders as they develop in their roles is has been a lifelong passion for Suzanne.  She is known for her ability to bring clarity to complex business challenges, situations, and relationships and is respected as an innovative and effective executive coach.

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