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Post-Acquisition Strategy and Transition Management Services

Post-Acquisition Strategy and Transition Management Services

Acquisitions represent a way for a company to quickly buy its way into a new market, or to stay competitive in an existing market. But like in our human relationships, it’s easy to fall in love with our blinders on.  Sometimes we fall prey to overestimating the benefits and ignoring or minimizing risks. And, like some Las Vegas weddings, once the honeymoon is over, relationships between the acquiring entity and the target can become frayed, fragile and characterized by a sense of frustration and failure on both sides.


Learn how to anticipate and avoid the most common post acquisition organizational integration disasters.


You will learn and work with experienced coach consultants who have deep experience in strategy, transition, acquisition and culture change. Together, we will strategize to get the most value from your acquisition, determining high impact priorities and then develop a plan to integrate the acquisition successfully.


We Work With Leaders To

  • Develop, integrate and accelerate a thorough understanding of the plans for achieving growth
  • Connect, communicate and clarify
  • Align decisions and investment of resources to drive value creation

Services Include

  • Refreshing your strategy to reflect the goals of the acquisition
  • Alignment of time, people and other resources
  • Re-calibration of your leadership team’s roles, goals and functioning 
  • Strategic talent management planning and HR alignment

Please contact us directly for more information at badfishconsulting@gmail.com or call 585.613.6015

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