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Executive Coaching For Entrepreneur CEOs

Executive Coaching for Entrepreneur CEOs

This is a specialized variation on our popular executive leadership coaching.  We recognize that many entrepreneurs begin their business ventures with an intense focus on bringing their innovative ideas to market.  Gifted start-up scientists, inventors and service innovators are often challenged after the initial start-up phase to provide effective leadership to ensure the enterprise can stabilize, grow and change.  They often also lose access to incubator and start-up resources and rarely receive targeted and on-going support in their own strategic leadership.


Startlingly, the average lifespan of a tech entrepreneur/CEO is only about 3-4 years and it is unfortunately not unusual for Founder/CEO to get pushed out by their investors.

Board and investor dynamics are some of the most stressful aspects of running an entrepreneurial firm and nobody is really prepared to do it the first time.

It is a huge test of emotional intelligence that many entrepreneurs flunk. 

It is crucially important for entrepreneurs to manage their board/investor relationships carefully, strategically and with all the emotional intelligence and maturity they can muster. The key is to develop constructive strategies to deal with strong personalities and get the best out of the relationships. Losing one’s patience with activist investors/board members will, at some point, get you fired.


Entrepreneur CEOs need proactive coaching to manage these sorts of issues without burning out.

  • Of particular interest to our entrepreneur clients
  • Focused & customized development coaching
  • Individual leadership awareness and capacity
  • Co-founder/partner relationships and communication
  • Managing board and investor relationships
  • Moving beyond the start-up:  Continuing to build a successful and scalable business

We will work with you to develop a plan that is right for you and that delivers fast impact.

Please drop us a line at badfishconsulting@gmail.com or call 585.613.6015 for more information.


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