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Serious Play - Bricks@BadFish


We play. Seriously.

Many people consider play to be frivolous, counter-productive and even distracting from serious work.  However, a growing body of literature supports play as the mechanism through which new ideas are born, insights are generated and innovation occurs. There is also a growing awareness in organizational life that play has a significant role in corporate strategy development, collaboration, innovation and organizational vitality.  Playing with concepts, possibilities and alternate solutions is important to tapping into our creative and analytical capacity and our emotional and social intelligence. This is what we call serious play.  

Here at BadFish we create innovative experiences and spaces in which you can deeply engage as you and your team gain new insights, discover new capacity and possibilities and, at the end of the day, have some fun. 


Lego  + Serious Play

The concept of serious play was originated by Dr. Johann Roos and Dr. Bart Victor, two pioneering researchers in the field of play who were brought in by Lego as the company was facing some significant challenges. By 1998 Lego posted its first ever loss at £23 million.  Using the organization’s own product, the researchers helped the organization reimagine and strategize their own future. As a result, Lego posted a profit of £99 million by 2009. Today, Lego continues to be one of the world’s most powerful brands and has been recognized as  “Toy of the Century”.


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato

Did you know that around 80% of our brain’s sensory and motor control function is devoted to our hands? We take advantage of this truth and tap into what is called a “hand-mind” connection, where your hands will guide you to insights that are deeper than you thought possible.  Using simple Lego bricks, we construct deeper metaphorical representations of complex problems and opportunities. Participants uncover knowledge and create shared wisdom that can dramatically improve performance.

Work with us by playing with us.

As a Lego Serious Play Certified facilitator, we bring the magic of Lego to you and your teams for improved performance in:

  • Teaming

  • Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Change



Contact us at badfishconsulting@gmail.com or drop a line below to connect and learn more about how we might work together to help you accomplish more and be happier doing it!

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