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Bagels + Brew: Design Your Way to Better Problem Solving
7:30 AM07:30

Bagels + Brew: Design Your Way to Better Problem Solving

Problems are impossible to solve when we don’t agree on what the problems are. We think we have a problem solving issue, when really, we have a problem setting, issue.

Problem setting is a way to get past assumptions to become really clear about the nature of the issue at hand. Designers are trained to do this but managers are not. As a leadership skill, it is just as important as problem solving.

Join us for coffee and carbs as we explore how to stop wasting so much time, energy and money —with this first stage of design. You will be introduced to the concept and engage in a quick exercise to try it for yourself!

Free but space is limited

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Bagels + Brew:  The Great Teaming "X" Factor
7:30 AM07:30

Bagels + Brew: The Great Teaming "X" Factor

Many of us know a lot about what makes a good team. Yet it is easy to become overwhelmed with day-to-day urgencies and neglect to focus our attention for the highest impact. So, we muddle through…

Join Dr. Suzanne Piotrowski, for coffee and carbs as she introduces you to the five key dynamics of effective teams, the number one influencing “X” factor that is most often overlooked and learn how you can build a more positive, adaptive team culture focusing on that factor.

Suzanne will lead an informal and highly interactive session sharing key concepts and examples from her years of work with leadership teams and share an easy-to use assessment you can apply with your own team.

Free but space is limited

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Leading by Design: The Why, the How and the Impact of LEGO Serious Play
5:30 PM17:30

Leading by Design: The Why, the How and the Impact of LEGO Serious Play

“It’s play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things”

- Jake Orlowitz, Wikipedia Library Wikimedia FoundationAbout LEGO Serious Play

Lego Serious Play (LSP) was developed for, and by LEGO, in 1996 as a means to foster more creative strategy and leadership. Over the years it has grown into a respected methodology with certified practitioners worldwide. LSP is an innovative approach to strategy, innovation, creative problem solving, decision making and even organizational and team identity.

LEGO Serious Play is based on a set of fundamental beliefs about leadership and organizations.

• People are key to an organization’s success

• Success is dependent on hearing all the voices in the room

• People want to contribute; to be part of of something bigger and take ownership

• Teams often work sub-optimally, leaving knowledge untapped

Join us for our very first event in our 2019 BadFish Leading by Design series. Gary Jacobs, MFA, Amanda Doherty MFA and Calvin Uzelmeier, PhD will share their experiences using play and LSP to build stronger, more adaptive teams and organizations. Panel moderated by Suzanne Piotrowski, DM.

We will have time for socializing, snacking and…maybe there will be some LEGOS…

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