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L3 Programs

Leadership Learning Lab (L3)


L3 is where we at BadFish spark, ignite, and fan the flames of innovation, positive organizational change and competitive advantage. It is the space in which we drive positive change across three dimensions: thinking, doing, and being.

Specifically, we do this through our signature experiences.  Each experience is designed and crafted by a faculty member who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in their given fields while still being able teachers and facilitators.  They are set apart by their passion for what they do and for their collaboration here at BadFish to create vibrant communities with an emphasis on learning and a shared spirit of joy.

When you participate in L3, you will see art meet science and science meet business.  You will experience design and innovation practices and processes that are transforming management and organizations.  In our L3 program, you will yourself, develop high impact ways to bring those practices to your organization.

L3 is a place for curious learners and teams who see the possibilities and want to figure out how to achieve them.