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The Big Why

The Big Why

Re-Thinking and Redesigning Organizations for the New Normal

Our Mission is helping you achieve your vision

We partner with you so that we can deeply understand who you are and what you care about so we can create customized experiences and solutions that will transform and positively impact you and your organization.


Shift Happens

In order to deal with the state of constant change in which we find ourselves, a refreshed perspective is necessary. Our philosophy stems from our belief that fully engaged people are the engine of organizational vitality and success. We bring a seasoned and reasoned action orientation based on our own experience as business leaders, university faculty and entrepreneurs. This action orientation rests on a foundation of systems thinking, a deep understanding of interpersonal and organizational relational dynamics, current research and design thinking.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an orientation that new and better things are possible when people engage in fresh ways to solve problems. A design perspective means helping people become more acutely aware of what is going on, see their own role in creating organizational problems, and deciding to take action to resolve them.

We Teach Our Clients to "Fish"

Fishing for new thinking, insights, possibilities and pathways often requires new skills and new tools. We teach our clients high impact design and organizational change practices, and tools through intensive, hands-on experiences that dramatically improve their ability to innovate…immediately.

We Work Your Toughest Problems with You

Whether challenged by solving an old problem, a big “hairy” problem or recognizing a new or emerging problem, we know that people are more engaged and achieve greater learning when they have ownership over real projects in areas that they care about. Tackling such challenges requires understanding the complex nature of organizational life.

Work & Play

Our work is our play. We work and play hard with our clients to make sense of that complexity, re-engage people in the business and mission so that they can collaboratively create the future for themselves and their customers/constituents. We spark organizations to greater innovation, creativity, and collaboration – all skills absolutely essential for thriving in our rapidly changing world.