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Jill Freeman


Jill Freeman

Senior Consultant

Jill has helped drive positive social impact and entrepreneurial insights for more than 20 years. She works at the intersection of philanthropy, social innovation, economic and community development, and entrepreneurship – because she doesn’t know how not to. A skilled strategist, project manager, resource generator, communicator and facilitator, Jill tackles every initiative with her deft ability to go from big picture to small detail.

She has led projects, teams and organizations on social change initiatives across the country, including running a museum, teaching civic engagement, building impact investing ecosystems, and spreading knowledge on strategic philanthropy.  She is passionate about unleashing the potential in cities like her beloved Rochester, and works and volunteers with myriad organizations and social change rabble rousers who share her joy for fostering resilient, resourceful and thriving communities.

Jill loves working with pragmatic optimists.  She is passionate about designing customized creative experiences and programs, learning labs, meetings and events that foster knowledge gain, sharing and generate impact.

After years living on both coasts and earning her Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University SAIS, and her Bachelors in Public Relations from San Jose State University, Jill relishes living in Rochester, NY, where she truly enjoys all four seasons.